About Us

Who We Are

Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. is a Toronto-based mortgage brokerage that utilizes a forward-thinking and innovative approach to client’s financing needs. Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. specializes in infill- construction, 1st and 2nd residential, land assemblies, rental properties, commercial, and industrial properties. Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. arranges funds for qualified borrowers through syndicated mortgage investments and or institutional partners. With access to both private and institutional funds, Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. offers a range of financing options suited for the unique needs of each borrower. Our mission is to match borrowers with the right mortgage. This is done through a personalized approach to each client in order to truly understand and meet their individual requirements.

What We Do

Based on the diversified requirements of our clients, it is vital that we support each individual uniquely in order to deliver the ultimate funding structure available within the market. Unlike other mortgage brokerages, Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. takes you from A-Z for all your needs. By having access to both private and public mortgages Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc is able to provide its borrowers and brokers personalized financing solutions. Customization is key to meet borrower’s unique needs.