Investing With Concrete

Why invest with Concrete mortgage?

Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. prides itself on conservative and consistent underwriting principals which have been created and developed by Daniel Mandel, Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. president. Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. is structured to allow investors to invest on a deal-by-deal basis participating in deals that best fit their investment criteria and portfolio. Unlike mortgage pools, the investor is able to pick their specific mortgage investment along with the amount of the mortgage investment. Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. provides our investors with a complete customized package for each deal; ultimately giving the investor a transparent view of the deal at both the macro and micro level. This allows for the investor to make an educated decision pertaining to the specific mortgage investment that fits the investor’s investment criteria. All investors/investments are provided with a complete investor’s package in accordance with the Financial Service Commission of Ontario & Ontario Securities Commission.

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